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Laptop LCD Bezel Repair & Replacement Services

Laptop Front Bezel Replacement ServicesIf your laptop screen front bezel is cracked, smashed or broken and you need to have it repaired quickly, then the help you need is here at last.
Solid Rock IT UK offers professional onsite repair for cracked screen enclosure or damaged display assembly with mobile LCD screen support across London.
We  are readily available to help with all notebook display screen bezel replacement needs and our flexible combination of same day / next day onsite LCD replacement services enables you to conveniently book a repair appointment slot and then simply relax. Our screen repair engineer will travel to your home or office and complete the LED screen front bezel service while you wait.

Laptop Display Bezel Replacement Services

The front bezel plastic firmly holds the laptop LCD screen together so that the inverter, video cable, internal metal frame and hinges remains secure within the screen enclosure. We can quickly repair your laptop/notebook screen bezel fault, leaving your unit looking new and working propery upon completion.
To get professional help for your damage laptop screen assembly or front bezel, simply call us now on 07951 878 703. Alternatively,

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