Screen Repairs for Apple Mac and Windows Computers

Apple Mac Screen Repair & Display Panel Replacement

Get professional Apple Mac screen repair for Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and Macbook displays in London with onsite service engineers visit available to complete screen repair while you wait. We offer quick Mac screen replacement services for broken, cracked or damaged displays by Solid Rock IT UK. Our Apple laptop screen replacement service is available for all Mac laptop and desktop (iMac) models. If your Apple Mac screen is accidentally damaged or developed issues through no fault of yours, we are able to mend this for you and get the unit working as intended again.


Professional Apple Mac Screen Replacement

Some display issues may be due to faulty graphics card, which means your Mac may require logic board services and for such circumstances, we are readily available to help you with professional Mac support.


Our Apple Mac screen replacement engineers can where possible repair the inner LCD display and get your device working properly again. Some Apple Mac screen repair does require the full assembly to be replaced and for those, we can get you quality screen to complete the service quickly. Where we already have the screen for your MacBook air, MacBook Pro or iMac in stock, we can complete the service for you on the same day and onsite - we come to you.


Are you Searching for Apple Mac Screen Repair Near Me?

Here are some Apple Mac screen repair and display repalcement services we actively offer to our clients across London, Surrey and Kent:

  • Same-day screen replacement services for Macbook and Macbook Pro models
  • MacBook Pro and MacBook Air display panel replacement services
  • Onsite MacBook Pro and MacBook Air display hinge replacement for London based customers

Mac Desktop & Apple Laptop Screen Repair London

Getting your Apple Mac screen repair is one of our core expertise and for any Mac desktop or Apple laptop models, we can repair your  screen fault. Most Apple laptops and desktops have screen size ranging from 11.6" to 27" and fix issues for all. To get help, simply call us now on 07951 878 703 to discuss your Apple Screen Repair needs. Alternatively,

Apple Mac Screen Repair & LCD Panel Replacement 

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